Your media is creative,
just like you.

So why does every DAM(n) system out there try to make you conform to a rigid set of rules when it comes to organizing your media?

Starchive is a media curation platform invented BY creators FOR creators.

Collect, curate, view and share everything—with the flexibility to work the way YOU want to. Organize by folder? No problem. Tag and describe your work—or let AI tools do that work? Sure. Share a hundred video files in seconds? Easy. No more wasting time trying to find stuff. Starchive unblocks your creative flow and gets you back to what you really love: creating new content and reimagining the amazing work you already have.

Join our FREE beta test now to try Starchive and experience your media in a whole new way. 

Starchive Essential

Individual ~ $9.95 / Group ~ $24.95
  • Cloud storage billed monthly — pay only for what you use
  • Automatic playback/preview of more audio, video and document formats than Dropbox, Box, or Drive
  • Tag files and add descriptions
  • Tap into AI image recognition and deep probed data to uncover new insights about your files 
  • Create and save curated collections of media — any item in any number of collections with no duplication
  • Invite team/family members to collaborate


You're curious. We like that.
Here's some more information about our team and what we do.

• The Starchive Team
• Media & Press


We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at our C-ville or Richmond offices.

Email: info@starchive.io
Phone: 1.804.365.8606

190 Rockfish School Ln
Afton, VA 22920

1717 East Cary Street,
Richmond, VA 23223

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