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Maximize employee productivity by automating the storage and curation of your company’s digital assets.

Ineffective Storage Solutions Have Hidden Costs

While the cloud has helped your company more efficiently store your digital assets, it hasn’t improved your employees ability to retrieve them. The average worker spends 1.8 hours per day searching for information—which amounts to almost 1 full work day per week of lost productivity.

The more employees you have, the more potential lost revenue.*










*International Data Corporation (IDC); McKinsey Global Institute Analysis.
**Based on a $75,000 annual salary per employee.

Maximize Employee Productivity—And Your Bottom Line

Starchive for Business was built for the Enterprise, without the Enterprise-level price tag. Choose to pay monthly or save with an annual subscription.

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Automated file curation

Thanks to AI-driven object detection, your company’s digital assets are automatically tagged and organized, making it easy for employees to find what they need, when they need it.

Organize and search for files your way

With auto-tags, manual tags, rich file-level metadata and custom fields, files can be organized and searched for in the exact way that makes sense for your business.

One file. Multiple collections.

With Starchive’s Collections, the same file can live in multiple locations without doubling or tripling your storage costs.

Content sharing made easy

Single files or whole Collections: no matter how large, your assets are easily shareable with anyone—inside or outside your organization. And you control whether to allow downloads.

Preview any file type

No more relying on cryptic file names and icons to determine a file’s contents. Starchive provides a visual preview of all files—regardless of file type.

Ever expanding partner ecosystem

Starchive seamlessly integrates with a growing list of partners to pull your company’s digital assets into a single, centralized repository. No need to change your workflow.

Trusted by leading brands

When accessibility, protection and privacy matter most, these brands turn to Starchive. See why we’re the top choice for smart digital storage across the enterprise.

It’s Time to Recover Lost Productivity.

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