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Making films and documentaries shouldn’t be an expensive form of therapy” — Tim Burton

  • Upload unlimited amounts of high-res footage, audio, images, and documents
  • Store everything in the cloud so everyone on your team can stream and access it
  • Tag your files by shot and scene, character, angle, production crew, etc.
  • Auto-generate a streaming proxy along with the original to stream over web/mobile
  • Control access to materials so that you can focus on making great films.

You don’t have to be an industry icon to use Starchive

We’ve been building digital asset management tools for creative powerhouses and world class archives for years. They trust us to manage massive archives, with virtually every asset type—some with millions of digital files.

Some we can name The Bob Dylan Music Company Leonard Cohen Archive Billy Joel Carly Simon  Earnest Withers Studs Terkel New York Philharmonic OKPOP  Essence Magazine The Property Brothers Sherman Grinberg Film Library WFMT Audio Archive Rosanne Cash Sam Phillips Studio American Center for Oriental Research John Mankiewicz and some we cannot name …

Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu
A top Hollywood writer and executive producer needed a fast and reliable way to assess thousands of images and documents for a new docu-drama series.

Using Starchive, his dispersed writing team was able to collect, share, and easily access materials to help them craft a deeply meaningful story and meet their aggressive deadlines.

the Bob Dylan Music Company has been working with Starchive to catalog 50+ years of Bob’s life and work in a single digital archive

“The Starchive platform has been vital to us to easily access more than 4 decades of Dylan’s work from our archives.”

Jeff Rosen — Bob Dylan Music Company

What ‘Starchivists’ say

As a filmmaker with both a profound interest in the preservation of archival materials and a keen need for detailed organization of massive amounts of audiovisual materials, I instantly recognized Starchive is great for filmmakers.

April H - Filmmaker

Dropbox is so 2008

A lot has changed in the last 12 years. Ready for something new?

Lightening Fast Playback

We get it. You need both to store the originals file but also access a proxy version to work with, share with others. Starchive has you covered. Just upload Starchive will auto-generate a proxy.

Privacy You Can Afford

Businesses of all sizes can keep their content protected with enterprise-level security at a fraction of the corporate cost.

Social Media Integration

Post directly from the Starchive mobile app to streamline content sharing. Advanced permission settings let you control which team members have access.

Lights, camera, Action: time to get Starchive

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