The new Preservation: shared access to digital collections

Your organization keeps history alive by managing lots of important artifacts and information. In today’s digital world this translates to digital files and metadata . Preserve it all with a command center that offers the power of an expensive digital asset management system (DAMS) at 1/20th the cost of the closest competition.

Preserve, curate and share.

Add contextual metadata to the photo, video, or document of the artifact.

“I’ve been using FileMaker Pro for 30 years to organize our collection
and always hoped something like this would come along.”

James J — Collections Appraiser

Managing digital files?
Starchive can help.

Organize your content

Save images, archival material, and everything else in a system that leaves Dropbox in the dust. Custom fields puts you in control of your contextual metadata.

Find what you need—fast

Save time, save money: find what you need with powerful search tools you customize yourself, plus unlimited collections for quick retrieval.

Share with others

No limits on file sizes or sharing means better collaboration and continuity across teams —especially when staff work remotely.
What ‘Starchivists’ say

As we began the digitization process, it was clear that we needed a very powerful and flexible tool that could not only store and organize our digital originals, but also utilize our existing databases.

Tilak P - Digital Archivist

Oklahoma Historical Society

OKHS uses Starchive to preserve, stream, and make accessible dozens of terabytes of photographs, videos, audio recordings, and documents to their team working remotely. 

The American Center
of Oriental Research (ACOR)

ACOR uses Starchive to manage thousands of images that provide primary visual documentation of Jordan, including major archaeological and cultural heritage projects, including Petra. 
Studs Terkel Radio Archive

The Sherman Grinberg Film Library is the world’s oldest and largest privately held film archive. Starchive is the video library for this tremendous collection of more than 20 million feet of original film footage. 

SGFL uses Starchive to connect workflows from digitization to cataloging and publishing.

Few can say “If it happened in the 20th century they have it in their library.” The Grinberg Film Library offers producers in all areas of the media industry the most complete collection of stock footage and news events of the last 120 years–the most dynamic years in modern history.

Customizable Metadata

Organize millions of files using custom metadata fields that tag and link your files together make searching fast and effective.

Privacy You Can Afford

Historical Societies of all sizes can keep their content protected with enterprise-level security at a fraction of the corporate cost.

Social Media Integration

Post directly from the Starchive mobile app to streamline content sharing. Advanced permission settings let you control which team members have access.

Exhibit A: time to get Starchive

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Start with 21Gb of 100% encrypted cloud storage free for life.
Store everything from video to images, audio to documents.

Privacy Pledge— We pledge, on our honor, to hold ourselves to the highest privacy standards possible. Sharing private data is lame. Starchive has integrity, a trusted business reputation and private relationships with some of the most major content owners in the world. If that wasn't enough, we store our own files in Starchive too!

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Need help uploading? It doesn't matter if it is a few gigabytes (GB) or a million gigabytes (PB) we can help you upload, migrate, and transfer content. Whether from local Networks Attached Storage (NAS), mobile devices, or a hard drive, we have helped move hundreds of Terabytes (TB) into Starchive.

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