Order up: a powerful hub for your restaurant's digital assets

Your restaurant creates a lot of content. Manage and monetize it with a high-tech command center that offers the power of an enterprise-level digital asset management system at a price your restaurant can afford— less than $25/mo for 50 team members.

Your bottom line will benefit from A.I. Cloud Storage & Asset Management

Instagram is where it’s at for food businesses.

Every Restaurant is a Media Company

In today’s media-driven world, Three Notch’d digital assets are critical to building and maintaining a relationship with their customers. whether they are posting great photos of their food and drinks on social, creating digital flyers to announce an event, or just making changes to their menu, Starchive gets them to the files they need in an instant.

Starchive Is Like A Photographic Memory For Your Team

Cut through the clutter and find your files easily, no matter who uploaded them or what they are called.

By leveraging powerful AI, smart data probing, and simple human tags, you can maximize your assets and your time and get back to the job of running a great restaurant.

Ineffective Storage Solutions Have Hidden Costs

While the cloud has helped your company more efficiently store your digital assets, it hasn’t improved your employees ability to retrieve them. The average worker spends 1.8 hours per day searching for information—which amounts to almost 1 full work day per week of lost productivity.

The more employees you have, the more potential lost revenue.*










*International Data Corporation (IDC); McKinsey Global Institute Analysis.
**Based on a $75,000 annual salary per employee.

Drowning in digital files?
Starchive can help

Organize your content

Save menus, food photos, training documents, past promotional material, and everything else in a system that leaves Dropbox in the dust. Automatic curation means your content is identified and grouped for you.

Find what you need—faster

Save time, save money: find what you need with powerful search tools you customize yourself, plus unlimited collections for quick retrieval.

Easily share with others

No limits on file sizes or sharing means better collaboration and continuity across your entire team. Capture institutional knowledge in one centralized repository to insulate your restaurant from high staff turnover.

What our clients say

Starchive is like a digital memory for the restaurant. Onboarding new team members, updating promotional material, and fueling our social promotions has never been easier. We’re now 10x more efficient & 10x more effective.

Three Notch'd Brewing Company

AI-Driven Organization

Instantly organize thousands of files thanks to automatic file tagging and data gathering. Custom fields make searching fast and effective.

Privacy You Can Afford

At less than $25/mo for 50 team members, restaurants of all sizes can keep their content protected with enterprise-level security at a price you can afford.

Social Media Integration

Post directly from the Starchive mobile app to streamline content sharing. Advanced permission settings let you control which team members have access.

We’re here to support great content creators. Including you.

Starchive is not a storage tool—it’s a dashboard for what you create every day. Some of the most prolific creative forces have trusted us to manage their digital assets, but we’re priced for everyone.

Time to recipe test: get Starchive

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