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The current buzz around NFTs makes us feel like we are reliving the Oprah show, circa 2004: “You get an NFT. You get an NFT. You get an NFT.” It seems like everybody is minting, buying, or selling NFTs constantly. And everyone who is minting, buying, selling, or even just commenting on NFT’s is also talking about the game-changing promise of web3, to fix everything for Creators, a tune we hear almost as much as we heard the Black Eyed Peas sing, I Got a Feeling, in 2009!

And much like an overplayed pop hit, hearing something so much can make us start to tune it out, especially if we don’t necessarily understand what it means. It is true that web3, including NFTs, is changing things and has the potential to make things better, for Creators, in particular. 

Whatever your knowledge and interest in NFTs is, we are here to help you find the freedom to take advantage of it all.


I’m not really sure about this whole NFT thing, and, frankly, I think I’d rather have a new car.


We hear you. And if Oprah is reading this, we would definitely take new cars.  But we got you. We exist at the intersection of web2 and web3, a spot where most of us are going to live for a long time. Think about all those years you had CDs in your car, because you weren’t sure how to play your iTunes or Spotify through your car speakers. Now think about the day you figured it out, or your closest early adopter friend did it for you.

Remember what a game changer that was? Once this all clicks and you can start to use web3 systems to fuel your creative work, it’s gonna feel 10x better. And we are here to be that early adopter friend!

Here are the basics: ➊ you can archive, access, curate, collaborate, and monetize your web3 digital assets, including NFTs you purchase on a marketplace, from your Starchive, just like, and right next to, your web2 digital assets, ➋ you can be mint NFTs from Starchive for free, and ➌ you can promote and sell your NFTs with links directly to your Starchive, (just like you can everything else in your Starchive), instead of using a marketplace.

No marketplace means less gatekeeping and rule-following and more income potential, for you.

I’m already riding the NFT party bus and not sure why I should use Starchive and not someone else.


Our tagline is Do. More. Creating. We think of it as our North Star. Everything we launch – from product to program – is designed to help you do more creating.  Same goes for our NFT program.

Starchive is smart storage for your web3 digital assets, in all the same ways as we are for your web2 digital assets. You can archive, access, curate, collaborate, and monetize all from inside the platform.

NOW, with our NFT launch, you can also mint, on the Palm Network, from inside the platform.

We chose Palm because they share our commitments to both creators and to climate. You can read more about that commitment here.

As part of our own commitments to creators, we aren’t charging any gas fees and you can mint for free –  only paying a commission when, and if, you sell the NFT.  And speaking of selling, we aren’t a marketplace. You can promote and sell all of your assets – including NFTs – directly from your Starchive, by linking to them from your own website or any platform you are on. 

No marketplace means less gatekeeping and rule-following and more income potential, for you.

What you create matters

and should be easy for you to access, use, & monetize

After a decade of working with some of today’s biggest stars and brands, we took everything we learned, about how iconic creators archive, curate, and monetize their content, and created a platform that _______…
smart storage that is so much more than storage.


Our powerful AI categorizes your creations based on the way you create and use them; our digital transformation system means today’s creations can be used in tomorrow’s formats; and our collections feature lets you collaborate and share without the gatekeepers of other platforms.

we envision a world

creators are free

we are creating a world

where creators are able to thrive

creatively, digitally, and economically

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When you join Starchive, you get 21 GB of storage for free. Forever.

If the free plan is all you ever need, that’s all we want you to get.

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When you upgrade to VIP, you get 100 GB of storage, a +1 pass to collaborate, and the chance to be a featured creator.

Pay monthly at $12/month, or pay for the year and get two months free.

be flexible

Add more members, short-term & long-term, for $5 a month per member.

Add storage for $1 per 50 GB.

+ creators

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made by creatives for creatives

Meet Peter.

Peter is an archaeologist and musician, who has spent much of his life thinking about how we decide what gets saved from, and what will be discovered about, our culture tomorrow.

Meet Richard.

Richard is a serial entrepreneur and investor who lives at the intersection of art and service. He’s on a personal mission to both create things and support creators, all in service of leaving the world a little better than it is now.


our position on privacy

We are privacy first. We can’t even see what you archive.  The only data we see is what we need to keep making Starchive better. And we don’t share it with anyone. Ever. To read our complete privacy policy, click here.

our position on sustainability

We are blending corporate responsibility with systems change advocacy. Currently, we are interviewing climate offset partners for our platform. And, when we launch our NFT beta this spring, we’ll be launching on Palm, a fully EVM-compatible sidechain designed by, and for, Ethereum developers. To read about Palm, click here.

our position on diversity

It is built into our foundation to put all Creator Stories at the forefront. As we start to grow our own team, we are activel recruting BIPOC, queer, and womxn. When we partner with community organizations, individual creatives, and collaborative companies, we actively look for way sot work with and amplify the work and stories of BIPOC, LGBTQAI+, female, and non-binary humxns.

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