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Adding a New User
What You Will Need
  1. A Starchive with your user having at least admin level credentials
What You Will Learn

In Starchive you will be able to create as many users as you would like.

    • How to create a new user
    • How to set that user’s role




  1. Go to the top right side of the screen and select Admin Options > Users.
  2. Scroll down to the Add New section.
  3. Create¬† a user ID. Typically, this is the user’s first and last name.
  4. Enter a temporary password. By checking the box “Send password change email,” the new user will receive an email that will allow them to set their own password.
  5. Enter the new user’s email (this is what they will use to log in).
  6. Under “Role,” select the access level you want the new user to have. If you would like a guest user to have downloading privileges, check the box “can download.”
  7. Click Save and close.