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Q. What kind of files can I upload?
A. Every file-format known today (and in the future) is welcome in Starchive. Starchive is built on Open MDS proprietary technology. This means that Starchive is open to any media type/format, any data structure and is open to cloud, local or hybrid storage. We do encourage our Clients to load in the highest resolution version of files that they have for archival purposes; Starchive automatically creates derivatives during ingest for easy previewing, sharing and other business specific needs.
Q. How should I report an issue?
A. Please select support and enter in any pertinent information about your issue. This information can include browser type, operating system, example file ID’s and screenshots. This will enable us to keep requests organized and have the fastest turnaround time possible.
Q. How long should I expect to wait for a reply?
A. You can expect to receive an email from someone on our support team within 24 hours of your submission during business hours.
Q. Why is Starchive not a traditional DAM system?
A. We don’t want to talk about digital asset management. But we are going to have to. Because at a first glance this is what people who have the problem we help think they need. They need help with managing digital assets. This is true. Humans interacting with files creates all sorts of pain. The tendency has been to organize files in folders. And in a world where everyone manages their own folders this might make sense. Humans however share files and therefore one person’s folder names is another’s folder mysteries. What is a digital asset? A digital asset can be a video or a text file, an audio file, image, or PDF, a font, a 3-D virtual reality file, an animated gif or a spreadsheet. We really don’t want to talk about digital assets we do believe that a DAMS system is appropriately names. DAMS do just that, they bottle up content and reduce file flow. They also require humans to do more work. It is already enough work to create a file. Why must we have to fill out a form in another system to find this file every again?