All the features you need. None of the complexity you don’t.

All the features you need. None of the complexity you don’t.

Your media, your way

Tag and describe your files yourself, or let our AI tools auto-tag for you and give you a leg up on finding all those files you forgot you had.

Tagging and batch tagging

Tag and describe your files, folders, and collections — any number of tags, any way you want. Adding your own metadata is as simple as click and enter, and all of your added metadata instantly becomes searchable in your database. 

AI auto tags

Starchive uses Amazon Rekognition to identify objects in your images and thumbnails and tag them for you. So you’re not starting from zero, even if you’ve never tagged or described a single file. Auto tagging helps you discover the hidden connections in your media that you never knew were there.


With collections, you’re in charge of curating your media in ways that make sense to you. There’s no restriction on what file types can be in a collection or how many files you can include. And the great thing is that any single file can be included in any number of collections — without ever having to be duplicated.


Got hierarchy? Starchive maintains the structure of folders you import from your computer or external device. Create new folders easily and organize your files in ways that make sense to you.

Digital media management for the everyday creator.

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