All the features you need. None of the complexity you don’t.

All the features you need. None of the complexity you don’t.

Find the files you need — when you need them

Starchive’s powerful search engine delivers results across your media and object types — search once and see all the files, folders, and collections that match your search.

Embedded Data

Starchive surfaces embedded data in your digital files — file format, the type of camera used to take a photo, document creator, date created, embedded keywords, and more — and adds that data to your searchable database.

AI auto tags

Starchive uses Amazon Rekognition to identify objects in your images and thumbnails and tag them for you. So you’re not starting from zero, even if you’ve never tagged or described a single file. Auto tagging helps you discover the hidden connections in your media that you never knew were there.

Search Filtering

Restrict your search to folders or collections, view results by file type, add search words to your query to continue refining your results. 

Digital media management for the everyday creator.

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