We’re a group of creators — designers, photographers, audio editors, musicians — who, truth be told, probably have no business engineering software.

But every one of our team members has lived the pain of trying to create while our ideas and assets are tied up in the chaos of media disorganization. Every one of us has had that, Where is that !@#$ file? I know it’s here somewhere… moment.

Born out of our collaboration with the Bob Dylan Music Company and its decades-long collection of Dylan’s life and work, our small and nimble Starchive team has spent years helping some of the most iconic creative brands solve their media challenges.

Now we’ve taken that experience and reimagined it as a platform the everyday creator can use.



A skilled storyteller with a servant leadership ethos, Richard has spent 25 years building and leading teams that turn vision into reality and flood the market with big ideas. Starchive represents the biggest vision yet — unleashing the creative potential of every business by giving them total control over their media assets.



Peter is the charismatic inventor-visionary behind the scribbled-napkin idea that ultimately became Starchive. His relentless passion and innovation as an advocate for connecting media and metadata inspires everything we do and pushes Starchive to the very edges of media evolution.


VP, Customer Success

Megan was a Nashville music industry mover and shaker when she was introduced to Starchive. Now Megan uses her planning, project management, production, and creative administration skills to lead Starchive’s Customer Success team — making sure our clients have an amazing experience as they build and use their own Starchives.


Lead Engineer

What started as an internship while Stephen was a student at Virginia Tech turned into a win for Starchive when he agreed to join our development team full-time. When he’s not in coding mode or sharing his expertise with the open-source software community, you might find him in the great outdoors taking pictures or playing some pickup basketball.


Implementation Specialist

Susanna connects our customer success and engineering teams. With a Ph.D. in the Humanities, a passion for digital archives, and fluent coding skills, we’re fortunate to have a team member who can speak both languages and enable us to anticipate and respond quickly to our many clients.



Kelly is “the glue” of our organization. The business savvy she’s collected across the business world holds our team together on a daily basis. Kelly makes sure that our business delivers on time, in budget, and that our team has the tools they need to keep up with Starchive’s lightning-fast pace.

Interested in working with this totally amazing and creative group of individuals? Check out our jobs page.

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We strive to be refreshingly human—we believe people come first.

That goes for our staff AND our customers. That means you can always get in touch with a real human being when you contact us.