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So affordable and simple to use anyone can use it.


A SaaS app that does more than store files in the cloud.


A fun new modern alternative to Dropbox.

An archaeologist and an entrepreneur walk into a bar…

History is full of duos that changed culture. Richard and Peter are no different.

Peter is an archaeologist, who has spent much of his life thinking about how we decide what gets saved from and what will be discovered about, our culture tomorrow.

Richard is a serial entrepreneur and investor who lives at the intersection of art and service. He’s on a personal mission to both create things and support creators, all in service of leaving the world a little better than it is now.

Together we are the duo behind Starchive. We operate on three main values – values that act as the North Star for every decision.

  • What you create should be easy for you to save, build from, and share with the world.
  • The way you organize the world – and your legacy – is perfect. 
  • You should always go at your pace and on your budget.
The Starchive platform has been vital to us to easily access more than 4 decades of Dylan’s work from our archives.”

Jeff Rosen

Bob Dylan Music Company

Starchive is a huge asset to our productivity, and therefore our creativity. I couldn’t have dreamed of this when I was working on my first films at PBS nearly 15 years ago. The (Starchive) team is unlike any I’ve encountered


Filmmaker and Documentarian

How Starchive Works

Step 1

Sign up for a free Starchive, Whether you’re a solopreneur or work in a team, connect with others for easy sharing.

Step 2

Upload your content. Every photo, video, and document is not only a piece of your story, but a communication tool for your business, brand, or creative work.

Step 3

Relax. Our technology will automatically organize and tag your assets so you can search, find, and share.

Step 4

Continue to create, collect, and collaborate. Your content is now forever safe in one place.

Our role is to innovate on behalf of our customers

New York Phil The premiere and oldest symphony orchestra in the United States. Every year, NYP saves hundreds of hours and huge amounts of money by using Starchive to automate the creation and delivery of every performance to their musicians each night.

Studs Terkel Radio Archive

This platform, augmented by curatorial commentary, re-use tools, educational resources, highlights of creative re-use, and an original podcast, along with other special features, opens up Terkel’s radio programs and allows for a deeper level of user engagement.

Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu A top Hollywood writer and executive producer needed a fast and reliable way to assess thousands of images and documents for a new docu-drama series. Using Starchive, his dispersed writing team was able to collect, share, and easily access materials to help them craft a deeply meaningful story and meet their aggressive deadlines.

Studs Terkel Radio Archive

The Sherman Grinberg Film Library The owners of the world’s oldest and largest privately held film archive is migrating away from Getty and into Starchive to streamline digitization, database management, and direct licensing of their historic content, allowing them to increase their margins

Grammy Award Winning Songwriter, Artist, and Actress Carly Simon – This Grammy Award winning songwriter, artist, and actress and her management team are assembling an incredible digital archive, allowing them to make meaningful decisions to drive new revenue and creative projects.”


We’re a passionate group of creators — designers, photographers, audio editors, musicians, developers, thinkers and tinkerers.

Every one of our team members has lived the pain of trying to create while our ideas and assets are tied up in the chaos of media disorganization. Every one of us has had that, Where is that !@#$ file? I know it’s here somewhere… moment.

Born out of our collaboration with the Bob Dylan Music Company and its decades-long collection of Dylan’s life and work, our small and nimble Starchive team has spent years helping some of the most iconic creative brands solve their media challenges.

Now we’ve taken that experience and reimagined it as a platform the everyday creator can use. 

Get 21Gb Forever Free

Start with 21Gb of 100% encrypted cloud storage free for life.
Store everything from video to images, audio to documents.

Privacy Pledge— We pledge, on our honor, to hold ourselves to the highest privacy standards possible. Sharing private data is lame. Starchive has integrity, a trusted business reputation and private relationships with some of the most major content owners in the world. If that wasn't enough, we store our own files in Starchive too!
We strive to be refreshingly human—we believe people come first. That goes for our staff AND our customers. That means you can always get in touch with a real human being when you contact us.


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