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Just like in the movie Deadpool we’re a group of superheroes with a disparate array of superpowers. We’re all content creators, so Starchive is purpose built to solve our own deep media organization issues.

We don’t think of users as merely customers. We think of you as superheroes too. You have your very own digital issues. And, our aim with Starchive is to give you superpowers.

We can’t deliver superpowers to you if we don’t communicate. So this page is our small effort to pull us all together.

We welcome your ideas, advice, support and even concerns. What’s working for you and what more do you want from Starchive?

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We bult an embeddable uploader (seen below) to better help our customers capture their own User Generated Content also known as UGC.

Use our embedded uploader to add files to the Community Starchive where we are collecting everything, from feedback to funny memes.

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