AI-Powered Digital asset management for everyone

Find. Share. Unblock your creative flow.

Hey, we’ve all been there — we’ve all had that “Where is that !@#$ file…I know it’s here somewhere” moment. Is it in Dropbox? Google Drive? On one of your 300 USB sticks? We cut our teeth solving this problem for some of the world’s most iconic brands.  Now, we’ve taken what we learned from the big names and created a digital asset management and content curation platform that’s affordable and accessible for the everyday creator and media maker. If you’ve got media (and come on, who doesn’t?), Starchive can help take the pain out of managing it. 

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The digital asset management platform trusted by some of the world’s most iconic brands … now accessible to the everyday creator and media maker.

Simple. intuitive. visual.

All the features you need … none of the complexity you don’t … at a price anyone can afford.

everything in one place

Simple browser upload from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive

Preview and Playback almost any file type

Got .ai files? No problem. PDFs? MOVs? RAW? See what you’re missing in Dropbox and Drive.

Collaborate with your tribe

Team members, family members, coworkers — invite anyone you want into your Starchive to collaborate. Up to 50 members included with group plans! 

Share big files instantly

Upload once, instantly share with anyone, anywhere, anytime. No file size limits. 

ai-Powered tools for tagging and finding

Get a leg up on your descriptive metadata with AI-powered object detection and surfacing of embedded file data

Cloud storage that grows with you

Never worry about running out of storage space again. No need to upgrade your plan to get more storage — you pay for what you use. 

Bob Dylan used Starchive to reimagine his work as a bootleg series.

What creative possibilities will you discover? 

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