You know that feeling you get when you’re looking for a file or photo or video or soundtrack that you ABSOLUTELY KNOW exists somewhere…you’re just not sure where? Is it in Dropbox? Google Drive? On one of your 300 USB sticks?

We call that digital distress. And we hate that feeling, too. So we solved it.

Welcome to Starchive… 

invented by creators for creators. One place to store, organize, and view all your digital media. Why spend all your time and energy just trying to find stuff when you could be creating new content and curating new experiences with the amazing things you already have?

Simple. Intuitive. Visual.

All the features you need. None of the complexity you don’t.

in one place

Simple browser upload from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive

View and playback
almost any file type

Got .ai files? No problem. PDFs? MOVs? RAW camera files? See what you’re missing in Dropbox and Drive.

Curate your
own collections

Create and save curated collections of your media — any single item in any number of collections with no duplicate files bloating your storage.

Create your

Easily tag and add descriptions to any file, folder or collection.

Or, let AI
do the work for you

Starchive probes your files to draw out any embedded metadata and applies Amazon Image Rekognition to help you discover new insight into your images.

with your tribe

Team members, family members, coworkers — invite anyone you want into your Starchive to collaborate.



What creative possibilities will you discover?


Every one of our team members has lived the pain of trying to create while our ideas and assets are tied up in the chaos of media disorganization. Every one of us has had that, Where is that !@#$ file? I know it’s here somewhere… moment. So for us, creating Starchive is more than just a job — it’s personal. Read below to see how Starchive has helped our team unlock their creativity. 

Richard Averitt

CEO and Professional Photographer

“As a photographer, I have thousands of photos to manage…trying to go back and find something from an old shoot is like trying to find a needle in a pile of needles. Once, as I was reviewing the probed metadata from an old photo I came across in my Starchive, I noticed that the platform identified that the photo had been taken with a camera I totally forgot that I had. When I clicked on the metadata link of that particular camera, Starchive found all of the photos I had taken with the same camera. I was suddenly looking at hundreds of photos I didn’t even know existed. It was an incredible moment of rediscovery for me as an artist.”

Megan Knutson

VP of Customer Success, Mom, Music Manager

“Like all moms, I have a million things going on at once. From incredible work projects, to capturing amazing family memories (my baby crawling for the first time, my daughter registering for kindergarten, my husband slaying a guitar solo — ah, life is good!), to managing household paperwork (finances, health care, registration forms…you know, the less fun stuff), to passionately engaging in volunteer projects — I’ve got a lot of media to keep track of. Starchive gives me one easy place to collect, access, and share all the digital stuff that I care about. Recently, while on the go, I had to find and deliver my kids’ most recent vaccination records and the clock was ticking. While in the past this would’ve required a trip to the file-cabinet-of-doom (ok, a little dramatic but seriously, physical files still?) and an attempt at remembering how I would’ve filed those records, Starchive made this ridiculously simple with a quick search and share. What would’ve taken me 15-30 minutes took me 3 minutes. Saving time? Easy to use solutions? Yes, please. #starchiveforallmoms”

Peter Agelasto

Founder, Archaeologist, Recording Studio Owner

A recording is life captured with an infinite potential for rewind…and something I do each and every day. I often sneak off to use my phone’s mic to make short ambient recordings. I love to listen over and over again to the sound of a place and get lost in that moment’s soundscape. Each listen teleports me into that space — it’s like time traveling for free. Every once in a while, I capture something really memorable…the kind of thing that I definitely don’t want to get lost or corrupted. I’d sooner give up a favorite old t-shirt than lose a precious audio recording or movie clip I made. That’s really why I created Starchive: because I needed it as much as any other creator.”

For a limited time, you can beta test Starchive for free! Become an early adopter, get awesome free stuff in exchange for your feedback, and unlimited access to our platform and support during the beta period.


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