Visual cloud storage as colorful and dynamic as your business

Hard drives disappear, phones get stolen, team members leave, laptops become the victims of spilled coffee…but your critical media will always be safe in Starchive.

These days we’re filling up every drive and device we touch. Did you know today in 2024 the world creates 4.6 billion pieces of content every day.

We knew we needed a cloud partner who could keep up and push the boundaries of what is possible with cloud storage.

So we’ve partnered with the world’s leading drive manufacture Seagate and collaborated with them to kick off their own high availability S3 object cloud called Seagate Lyve. Now Starchive customers can take advantage of extremely affordable file storage costs, while benefitting from all of Seagate’s current state-of-the-art security features and its continuous development and research into cloud security, redundancy, and reliability.

All the features you need. None of the complexity you don’t.

About Metered Storage

Pay for the storage you actually use

Most services with cloud storage either charge you for large blocks of storage you might never need, or require you to upgrade your plan in order to unlock additional storage. We think that’s a pretty lousy experience from a customer perspective. With Starchive, you pay only for the extra storage you use after your plan’s included storage.

When your collection outgrows your included storage, we’ll simply bill your account $1 per month for every extra 50GB you use. That is only $0.02 cents per GB.

You’re billed for storage automatically each month, so you don’t ever have to worry about having to hassle with plan or storage upgrades. Your storage just grows with you.