Frequently Asked Questions

Do you share my Data?

Hell No!  We respect you more than that. It’s one of the reasons we built Starchive.

How Secure are my files?

Very Secure

How do I cancel my Starchive

It’s not hard. Please follow this simple steps to cancel your Starchive account.

Why do I need Starchive?

In today’s hyper-digital world we build relationships by sharing content through online platforms. Store all those gigabytes in a high-tech command center that lets you manage and monetize your content.

Does Starchive Backup Files in the Cloud?

Not yet automatically. 

Can I buy a Lifetime subscription to Starchive?

This was a limited-time promotional offer. That said, we’ll trade a lifetime account for creative services. Are you an animator, an illustrator, or some other creative and want to barter your services. Please contact us to discuss.

Why would I want to upgrade from free to paid?

Our Starter plan limits the ammount of space you can use to 21GB. If you want to upload 22GB or 22M GB you need to upgrade.

Or you may want the ability to invite other members to your Starchive you need to upgrade. 

Or maybe because you fund projects and services which you use and love. Starchive is still a business with its own bills to pay.

What is your privacy pledge?

The Starchive Privacy Pledge— We pledge, on our honor, to hold ourselves to the highest privacy standards possible. Sharing private data is lame. Starchive has integrity, a trusted business reputation and private relationships with some of the most major content owners in the world. If that wasn’t enough, we store our own files in Starchive too!

How much does Storage costs?

Every plan includes some ammount of storage. The cost of this smart storage is calucated into your subscription. When you need more cloud storage we meter it every month and only charge you for the extra you are over in that given period of time.

We bill $1 per 50 GB of date billed monthly. In reality that is only if you need it and 2 cents per extra GB.

Some months you need more you need less and we get that. We’re here to support you and not exploit you.

Where is my Data Stored?

In a secure encrypted s3 compatible cloud called Seagate Lyve. Think of them as the next evolution of AWS S3 object storage. Seagate is compatible with AWS S3, but without the expensive limits on downloads, exports, or streams. We can pass all of this onto you.

However if you wish to or must use AWS S3 or some other cloud provider’s object storage, contact us to enquire about our Premium plans which allow you to  running Starchive in your S3 compatible cloud of choice with custom endpoints. 

If I don't use more than 21GB is Starchive free?

Yes, If you need less than 21GB and only one member. Starchive is free forever. Of course, you can choose to upgrade at any time.

What types of files can I upload?

Store everything from video to images, audio to documents. Store any format, extenstion, size, length.

Why would I upgrade to a paid account?

You may need more than 21GB of space. Starchive is infinite storage. You may wish to invite other members and set their access control.

How do I get help or support?

What type and size of files are supported?

Starchive can upload and store extremely small, or extremely large file sizes. Technically speaking, Starchive supports file/object size (>5TB).

Starchive can store any file format. In addition to the original file, Starchive generates an accessible preview file for the vast majority of file types. Have an issue with one of your previews just let us know… 

What's on the Roadmap?

We’re planning something top secret right now and will let you know soon.

Who owns Starchive?

Starchive is owned and operated by Digital ReLab LLC.

Can I buy 1 TB of Storage?

Yes, purchase one of our plans today. 

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes we do 100%

If we didn’t offer a guarantee, it means we don’t believe in our product or the quality of our own work. If you don’t love Starchive, tell us why and we’ll give you your money back.

Where is Starchive based?

Starchive is a US based software company based in Charlottesville, Virginia in the United States.

240 W Main St, Suite #100-245 Charlottesville, VA 22902

How do I share a folder?

The short answer is today, you can’t “share a folder” like you would a collection, workspace, or individual or multi-selected files.  BUT we’re working to add the ability to “share folders” as a feature to Starchive over the next few weeks. We’re hoping that by the start of next year, you’ll be able to share a folder from Starchive.  

Today, most of our customers who wish to share the contents of a folder, instead, invite new members to their Starchive and set folder access levels and permissions. Today there is a limitation in our Free Version where you can’t invite other members without upgrading… 

Next, we’re about to release a new feature to sharing which is the ability to set an optional password for the links you share.

Here’s a link to a Youtube video about Starchive member permission and access.

Do you have a Desktop Uploader?

Yes we do but it is not available in the free version. 

The Starchive Desktop uploader is designed to install on MAC and Windows computers.

Looking to upload multiple Terabytes? Look no further.

What is the difference between Starchive and Big Tech?

Today we’re a small team of artist developers that manages big data and who are building the product of theirs dreams.

Everyday we get a little bit bigger. We don’t believe you and I are products. We create a product and sell it. 

We’ve stayed in business because we maintained high quality relationships with our customers.

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