Creatives like us (the ones making most of the media) aren’t known for being rule-followers. So why does  every DAM(n) system out there try to make us conform to a rigid way of thinking about and organizing our media?  

With Starchive, you’re in the driver’s seat. Organize by folder? No problem. Organize by curated collections? Sure. Search by tag, description, file type, embedded data values? You got it. 

Take a look at some of Starchive’s key features below to see how you’re in charge of your Starchive experience.

Migration made easy

Starchive makes importing media super simple — and super fast — from pretty much anywhere. Drag and drop from your computer, or easily connect to your Google Drive or Dropbox to begin importing files.

Preview and playback files

Starchive gives you preview and playback on more file types than most other platforms —photo, video, audio, PDFs, creative design documents — all in the same place. The visual experience of all your media is what makes Starchive one of the most unique platforms in the industry.

Your metadata, your way

Tag and describe your files — any number of tags, any way you want. Adding your own metadata is as simple as click and enter. All of your added metadata instantly becomes searchable in your database.

Curate and connect

With collections, you’re in charge of curating your media in ways that make sense to you. There’s no restriction on what file types can be in a collection or how many files you can include. And the great thing is that any single file can be included in any number of collections — without ever having to be duplicated.

Invite your tribe

No more worries about how to share big files or capture input from others. Starchive is built for collaboration. Invite your tribe —  family members, coworkers, clients, the neighborhood garage band — to join your Starchive and make sharing and managing your media seamless.

For a limited time, you can beta test Starchive for free! Become an early adopter, get awesome free stuff in exchange for your feedback, and unlimited access to our platform and support during the beta period.


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