We believe creators should be in control

Starchive was created because we believe that what you create should tell the story you want to tell, should be easy to curate, publish, and sell, and that it should bring you freedom.

Over ten years ago, we worked with Bob Dylan to archive his entire catalog. This glimpse behind the curtain of a global star’s archive helped us understand the extreme value in being able to create, use, refashion, and reuse art – for financial benefit and also the benefit of repeated joy from using the same creations.

We took that knowledge and created a platform that will enable Commercial Creators, Cultural Creators, and Community Creators, in every medium, to do the same.

Peter Agelasto

evangelist • inventor • endlessly seeking • archaeologist • founder
living at the extreme edges of media (r)evolution

Many years ago, Peter was making music in a barn-turned-recording studio and noticed that musicians were jotting down lyrics and riffs and ideas and, many times, just adding them to the other pages of lyrics and riffs and ideas that were already floating around the studio. This was a light bulb moment of realizing that many artists and creators don’t like to take the time to organize things – it’s often just not how we are wired.

Short on the heels of that realization came another one: what we do like, is to be able to find the things we have created.

Richard Averitt

entrepreneur • investor • endlessly curious • photographer • founder
living at the extreme edges of market (r)evolution

Richard is a storyteller through and through. He is motivated by a strong desire to create systems and tools that make it possible for all of us to tell and preserve our stories – from the mom reliving her son’s 18th birthday to all the kids who want to relive their first concert – Lil Nas X’s Roblox Concert in the metaverse.

He sees the true portrait of being a humxn as coming from our blended experiences, and it is those blended experiences that truly build community and have the power to build the tech-creator economy.

There are a couple of tenets that propel us.

It shouldn’t be just the icons and household names that are able to spend less time organizing and more time creating. The art you create is every bit as important as the art every other creative is making.

It shouldn’t be tech companies who are determining who has access to your habits and demographics. The tech-creator revolution is here to give you control over what you share, and to whom. 

Starchive excels on three key fronts as compared to any other content management platform: the visual; experience and the data layer.


Every file is transcoded to a web-enabled streamable preview and a thumbnail so you can quickly validate that you have found what you are looking for and have world-class capability to stream and share even massive files and/or formats that are not otherwise available via browser or mobile.


Starchive uses every bit of embedded metadata inside the file or attached to the file (including a smart contract on the blockchain). This data often tells a rich story and will help you find the thing you are looking for. Starchive also connects every file at the data level so that you can quickly explore all the hidden connections in your content. On top of that, we add AI to assist you with tagging and Starchive has unique capabilities for you to create your own data schema with custom fields that support the way you think and want to sort your media.


While there is much more to say on this topic, it is important to highlight that Starchive is the only asset management system available that natively lets you manage your on-chain content and your off-chain content, mint NFTs, and will be directly connected to metaverses and web3 domains to leverage all the new capabilities blockchain innovations can provide. For all of these reasons, we believe that the total market size for Starchive is far broader than these related products.


Next level AI is here to support you, not take advantage of you. With Starchive all your digital assets are in one place, accessible from anywhere. Your custom tags combined with our AI tags make files far more easier to find.

And, with Starchive you use your assets in any of the file formats available today and those of tomorrow.


Via Collections you curate unlimited combinations of your assets without duplication. You can also delete the collection without deleting the original file.


With the launch of Public Pages in 2024 you’ll drive traffic to a collection you are selling. You’ll also invite friends, clients and partners to view, download, or collaborate on a specific collection.