We’re piloting a new AI solution to match content from your Starchive with social conversations in real-time.

Basically Starchive will make your old content relevant once again with the help of powerful AI!

But first we gotta learn from our community.

“So, if you’re a food blogger that did a 25-minute 2010 Easter podcast that included your secret recipe for Nana’s Deviled Eggs, Starchive will recognize that Martha Stewart just posted her egg salad recipe on Instagram, then find your 3-minute video clip of “Nana’s Deviled Eggs” and present it to you for your very own Instagram post. This means you can monetize old content at precisely the most optimal time.”

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Starchive is a data-driven asset optimization platform uniquely built to tap into and aggregate data from any AI/ML tool in the market. Leveraging ChatGPT style search capabilities and AI listening tools to monitor a brand or artist’s social channels, Starchive will recommend content clips or images from deep inside your archive that are relevant to the social conversation in real-time – and ultimately suggest and make the clips automagically.

We’ve worked in every aspect of content creation.

No one understands the challenges and opportunities better.

Richard Averitt – CEO
Passionate, Driven, Introspective

Peter Agelasto – CPO/CTO
Curious, Out-of-the-Box, Mindful

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