Starchive v.s. Dropbox

There really is no comparison.

Speed and Performance

The Starchive uploader is at least 2x faster than Dropbox which means less waiting.

Tags and Custom Fields

Starchive allows you to tag files, folders and collections with simple tags, full-text descriptions, and even create custom metadata fields for more control.

Auto Curation

Starchive uses AI object detection to tag your files and then auto curates collections based on each and every tag without duplicating any files or disrupting their folder placement.

Streaming Sharelinks

Starchive can share up to 1000 files of any type in a single link and the recipient can stream those files instantly via the browser without downloading anything. 

Pro File Support

Starchive can accept any file type that exists and gives you previewable proxies on more files than any other platform including pro-media and RAW formats, Adobe Illustrator files, Pro-audio formats and more.


Deep Search

Starchive gives you powerful search across every object in your archive based on any data value. 

Curation focused

Starchive has a workspace that allows you to collect files as you search and curate before taking action on those files. Actions can include creating a collection, batch editing the data, batch tagging the files, sharing the files via link, downloading the files and more. 

Connect your Apps

Starchive can connect to and upload directly from your device or connected NAS, Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, One Drive, Zoom, a File URL, and directly from your Webcam.

Better Content Experience

Starchive offers many ways to view your content whereas Dropbox really only offers one – a folder driven structure in list or grid.

Curate with Collections

Starchive allows you to build collections of files at any time without duplicating any files or changing their location in their origin folder. One file can belong to an unlimited number of collections across any number of users and still be a single file in your archive.

Built for Content Creators

Starchive is built on the principle that seeing is believing and curation is central to our lives and our businesses.


Starchive is built to make finding and using files faster, easier and more fun than any other platform on the market.

Starchive is fun to use

Starchive uses the best of machine and human intelligence to help you find precisely what you need in the moment you need it.


Data management

Starchive allows you to batch tag files to enhance or correct data with those files for ease of use and workflow.

Purpose and Design

Starchive is architected to connect to any AI service or engine that is accessible via API and synthesize the data from multiple AI sources along a single file record. 

Better File Preview

Starchive transcodes your media files to provide a web-optimized proxy and a thumbnail so you can always preview the file before taking action to share or download. These files are available as independent downloads.

No File Limitations

Starchive has no file size limits. A single file can be over 1TB in Starchive and still streamable.(Dropbox limits you to a 50GB file via browser or 350GB via API). 

Infinite Storage

Starchive is connected to infinite storage in the cloud. There is no limit on the number or files or size of a Starchive. We have clients with more than 2 Million photos and some with more than 400TB of video. Dropbox maximum limit is 450,000 files.

Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu — A top Hollywood writer and executive producer needed a fast and reliable way to assess thousands of images and documents for a new docu-drama series.

Using Starchive, his dispersed writing team was able to collect, share, and easily access materials to help them craft a deeply meaningful story and meet their aggressive deadlines.

What our customers say

I’ve been using FileMaker Pro for 30 years to organize our collection and always hoped something like this would come along.

James J

Curator and Appraiser

As we began the digitization process, it was clear that we needed a very powerful and flexible tool that could not only store and organize our digital originals, but also utilize our existing databases

Tilak P

Digital Archivist

The interactions I have had with Starchive have been world-class. There are many other companies I use or stopped using who would benefit from a case study.

Starchive Newbie

Family Historian

Starchive has made a big difference. This is something I have always wanted to accomplish but never thought we could get to.

Stephanie H

Executive Producer

I am not the most tech savvy person, but your presentation and product even made me feel like I could handle it. Very impressive.


Personal Project

This opened up a whole new world of the archive footage that we have, so now we want to use it more.

Essence Magazine

Video Archivist

The (Starchive) team is unlike any I’ve encountered.

A. H.

Documentary Filmaker

Starchive is the B-ROLL collection and one-stop shop for editorial and production teams

R. L.

Video Producer

You’ve exceeded my expectations, I can’t ask for more

David Y

V.P. Technology

“Starchive can be an excellent tool in the game development process. Game projects generally utilize several assets, and with time these files end up being unorganized, and finding something specific becomes a waste of time, but with Starchive’s tag system the process becomes easy.”

Interactive Game Development Team — Brazil

Dropbox is so 2008

A lot has changed in the last 12 years. Ready for something new?
Dropbox’s gives only 2GB storage. Starchive gives you 21GB  free forever.