Recently, we received this great question:

“I wonder if you may be able to help me? I am working with an artist management company to help them to manage the many audio and visual assets they hold for the artists they support. I am searching for a suitable Catalogue/asset Management system which has flexibility to accommodate their needs and can adapt. I wonder if Starchive might be a good fit?”

Starchive is your private content vault

Yes, that’s precisely what we do and we’ve done for greats like Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen as well as Iconic Artists Group so that they have a centralized vault for all of their audio, video, images, contracts, ephemera, etc.

Is Starchive only for famous artists?

No, you don’t have to be a legend or an icon to use Starchive. We have hundreds of smaller acts and labels utilizing Starchive.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could organize all your songs, half songs, practice sessions, videos, photos and other media right at your fingertips? Wouldn’t it be cool to deepen the relationship between artists, labels, managers, and fans through selected access to the vault where everything lives?

Who needs a vault for their content?

If you produce creative IP of any type… music, film, images or animations you’ve gotta have a vault for all your digital media.

At Starchive if you’re an artist, we recommend you start building your vault now. Store absolutely everything you create in a single Starchive. As an artist, the single greatest long-term asset you have is your IP. Think of your vault as the bank where you deposit your IP.

Find lost outtakes and songs from 5 years ago that you can rework?

What if you could capture your fan’s content from your social pages and have it downloaded directly into Starchive?

This gives you free content to promote your band. This way your team is not stuck figuring out what to put on social media. Plus, this gives you direct interaction with your tribe.

What if you could create paid content feeds for fans to subscribe to? You could generate recurring revenue, sell more merch, and have quicker ticket sales.

Starchive can do all this for you starting at only 12 bucks a month and we’ll give you a TB of storage. Grow your vault as large as you want.

Can Starchive work for record labels and artist management companies?

Are you a label? Do you manage multiple artists? It gets even better, Starchive is multi-tenant, which is fancy tech talk that means each artist can have their own private vault, and you as the label or the management company could simply toggle between artists to help them grow and develop.

Managing creative IP is what labels and artist management companies do all day long. With Starchive’s efficiency, you might even get to leave the office and head down to your local record store faster to dig through some crates of vinyl.