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Keep Your Memories Safe

Decades ago, photos lived in albums, home videos were on tape, and recipes were written on cards. These personal collections could be physically passed down through generations. But what happens now that everything is digital? Don’t let your family’s history fade away because it’s in file form. Gather, organize, protect, and make your memories shareable for the future.

Easy to Use

You don’t need to understand file types and metatags to use Starchive—we do all the technical work for you. Simply upload your digital photos, videos, music, voice memos, and documents. We’ll organize them in a way that you can always find them. Then invite your family members to join so you can share and build your family’s archive collectively.

Everything Organized, In One Place

Where do you save your digital assets: on your computer, in cloud-based storage, on social media…maybe even on an old thumb drive or memory card floating in a drawer? Simplify your life—and safeguard those precious moments—with one central, secure solution. Our auto-tagging system means we organize everything for you and make the pieces of your past searchable.

Powerful Online Privacy

Your photos and documents are yours. You shouldn’t have to worry about your data being collected without your permission, especially when it comes to your personal mementos. Unlike other places on the web, Starchive keeps your digital assets completely secure and private—you’ll never become the target of advertising, and your family’s images will remain accessible only to you.