Why do you pay to store your clients’ media?

Why do you pay to store your clients’ media?

If you build a car for someone you don’t pay for their garage…

Plus, Starchive stops clients from calling you to find their stuff because it’s always in their Starchive.

Buy them a Starchive instead.
At only 12 bucks a month, you can bake the cost into your projects and make the lives of you and your client’s easier.

They’ll have total access to all their media and you won’t pay for their storage. Plus, they won’t call every time they need something. They’ll just go find it in Starchive.

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Starchive is free to use up to 21GB and a single member. When you upgrade your free plan you can grow as large as you want and invite additional members.

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Save storage space, fees and 12 hours a month looking for lost media by using Starchive. Just pass the Starchive fee right to the client. It’s their media. They should pay to store it and not call you every time they want to find it.

Take less calls. Find more stuff. Stop paying for storage.