ORGANIZE —Auto-Tag Files with Artificial Intelligence.

A.I. Links Content Together for Access & Discovery

Starchive identifies everyday objects in any image such as photographs, presentation covers, album art and video thumbnails. Starchive uses A.I. to recognize objects from Accordions to Zucchini and auto-groups them together.

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What are Auto Tags and How Does A.I. Object Recognition Help me Automate my Digital Media Asset Management?

Do you have lots of images? Starchive is worth the subscription just for the fun of auto tags. Upload a few thousand pictures and you will soon have hundreds, if not thousands, of auto-tags a single click away to explore.

You can immediately view your files automatically organized into groups sorted by chocolate, cocktails, blueberries, rivers, sunglasses, and more in all of your photographs. 

Find an auto tag that you don’t like? Simply Delete it.

Auto Tags

With auto-tags, manual tags, rich file-level metadata and custom fields, files can be organized and searched for in the exact way that make sense for your business.

Object Detection

Starchive uses A.I. to detect objects in image files, like graphics & photographs. Multiple objects can be detected, each of which is auto-assigned so that your files can be linked together and subsequently organized into automatic classifications or groups.

Facial Detection

Coming Soon. Simple. Secure. Private.

Auto Face Detection

Celebrity Detection

Breakthroughs in A.I. algorithms identify celebrities in images & videos. Files are tagged with celebrity names so that editors can find what they need fast. Learn more about what Starchive does for Essence Magazine.

Celebrity Detection