CURATE — Your Collections to Better Manage Your Files

Curate. Curate. Curate.

Collections help to solve the problem of why humans duplicate files.

We believe this is because curation is native to how our brains function and how we work. Our minds are always building relationships.

A file isn’t just a file, it is all of this other contextual information related to the file as well.  Starchive is a tool to add context to your files. We call this file curation.

Curation Adds Value to Everything.

What is a Starchive Collection?

A “Collection” is an anti-folder. A single file can belong to multiple collections, whereas a file must be duplicated to belong to multiple folders.

Collections can also be tagged and have their own Description, Members and Access Rights. Both Humans and A.I. Curate Files in Starchive.

Create 1 to many relationships with files

A Collection is more than a group of files –  what links them together is a curated relationship.

Curation is native to how our brains function and how we navigate the world. Our minds are always building relationships. A file isn’t just a file, it is all of this other context related to the file too.

File associations are more often contextual rather than technical. Who is the subject of the file is just as important as what the file size is — maybe even more so.

Collections both big and small provide new capabilities, cost-savings, and efficiencies.

Collections are Simple to Create and Serve a Zillion Purposes.

Curate Unlimited Collections.

Create as many collections as you and your team need. Collections can be used for anything you can think of. Collections contain as many files as you desire and have no file limitations on the total file size or file type.


Manage Access to Collections

A Collection can be private to you or something you invite others to join. Each member’s permission can be personalized at the individual collection level.

Simple, flexible permissions allow members to add files to the collection, view others files in the collection and edit, download, & share these files.

Right Click. Add Multiple Files to a Collection.

Adding files to a collection is wicked simple.

Select multiple files to add to a collection or create a new collection.  Prefer to drag and drop files onto an existing collection, Starchive has you covered. Save your entire Workspace as a collection.

Share Collections

Collections are easily shared with a single click. Choose whether to allow external recipients to only view or view and download files from the shared collection.

There is no limit to how many Collections you can share or how many people you can share a Collection with.


Zip Up a Collection for Download

Downloading collections is fast and frictionless. Never again request a download only to be told by the software that the ZIP you’ve requested is too large to download.