FIND — Files Instantly via Contextual Tag-Based Search

Find Files Fast So You Can Curate, Share & Download

Take back the hours spent searching for files. No longer dread searching for hard-to-find files buried in folders.

Smile when a friend asks you to find a few files, knowing they will have exactly what they asked for lickety-split.

Tag Your Files So You Can Find Them Quickly

Preview Files Quickly & Easily

Starchive excels at letting you and your members view, listen, and play lots of material effortlessly and on-demand. No other system will let you watch more videos faster. Starchive creates a special web-optimized preview file so there is NO buffering when you stream.


Keep It Easy with Simple Tags

Tagging is like attaching a thought to a file. It is also an effective way to establish relationships (links) between your files and folders so that you can search and find them quickly. Tag files with simple ‘labels’. Don’t make it difficult if you don’t have to.

Link Your Metadata So Access is One Click

Starchive is like the web, it links all of your metadata together so you don’t have to rely on search. Click to see contextually related results easily.

Search Custom Data

The best way to get the search results you want is to add the data you want to search on directly to your files. File and folder name are not enough and often limit search and spin your wheels.

Use tags and custom fields to add any values you want – in every language on earth.

Drill Down With Advanced Search

Find the atom in the needle in the haystack. Files can stack up worse than hay. There is no better feeling than to find the exact thing you need – right away.

Find One File. Find Them All. 

When you find a file and wonder what other files are in this same folder?  Click the folder button and go to that folder!

Search Metadata Embedded in Files

Starchive extracts your file metadata and indexes it so that you can search on it because applications and devices write data into their files. Starchive lets you search all of this.

Full Text Search For Documents

Coming Soon. Search text content inside documents and text found on images and file thumbnails.

How To Organize Your Files and Folders in the Cloud So That You Can Find Them Quickly and Easily.

Starchive saves time and money because the app gives you a fast modern experience to browse and interact with your files. These are the missing Dropbox and Google Drive features that everyone needs.

Tag your files – Link multiple files together through tags and make your content easier to search.

Auto-tags – Let the robots work while you relax because they are really good at identifying objects in images and enrich your search results.

Custom Fields – are used in digital asset management to create a form on the asset where data can be entered with great context.

Embedded Metadata – is data about the file, that has been written into the file like when the file was created, what camera took the picture and where, format and codec, and human input data, like IPTC and Adobe keywords.