ORGANIZE — Files and Folders in the Cloud Using Metadata

Organize Your Content the Way You Think

There is no one right way to organize your files. Starchive wraps multiple file organization methods into one — Metadata for describing, Folders to establish hierarchy, and Collections because a single file can be used for multiple purposes without duplication.

Use Collections to Organize Your Files

Curate Unlimited Collections

Collections don’t exist in Dropbox, GoogleDrive, or OneDrive which is a shame, because file curation adds so much value to your experience working with files. Once you switch to a collection-based approach to managing files you will be less frustrated with with folder-based limitations. 

Automate Organization

Thanks to AI-driven object detection, your company’s digital assets are automatically tagged and organized, making it easy for you and your team to find what you need, when you need it.

Go ahead and upload a bunch of images and get lost exploring the results. Auto-tags are fascinating, fun to explore and incredibly useful.  

Use Folders to Organize Your Files

Keep Your Nested Folders

It is a fact, the world still needs folders. Tags are great and all, but when you need to express traditional file hierarchy nothing beats the real thing — a folder-based directory file system.

We made folders finally work for the cloud. View folders as a list, grid, or panel. Create new folders and move them around to reorganize.

Use Custom Fields to Organize Your Files

Give Your Content the Context and Data it Deserves with Custom Fields

Starchive gives you the tools to design your own database. Custom Fields can be lists, checkboxes, dates, or open fields and describe if a file has been approved, a classification or attribution, a particular date, an array of multiple values, etc.

Custom Fields are a simple and powerful solution for you to keep the data about your files with your files and replace any unconnected spreadsheets or databases.  Custom Fields add a relational database to overlay files and folders.

How do I organize my files and folders in the cloud so that I save time, money, and energy?

Let’s recap a few points of differentiation that makes Starchive special.

Curate with Collections to avoid duplication. Never duplicate a file to make a connection or share it with anyone ever again.

Manage Folders – Projects you care to keep, need to be maintained with folders in a certain nested order so that they can be downloaded in the same hierarchy as they were backed up.

Tag Everything – Keep it simple with tags or unleash your inner archivist with custom fields and taxonomies because the context about a file is as important as the file itself.

Let A.I. Tag for You – Artificial Intelligence groups files together for you by relating objects detected in images so that you can explore files with similar objects represented.