Publish — Push Your Files to Social.

Publish To or Import From

Social Media Platforms

Our native mobile app integrates into your social media channels allowing you to publish content directly from the Starchive Mobile App.

Use the desktop to TAKE BACK CONTROL and connect to social platforms to import copies of your content from social media.

Publish to External Apps Directly from Starchive Mobile App

And many, many more…

Publish to External Apps Directly from Starchive Mobile App

Import From External Apps Directly into Starchive


Use our Dropbox integration to copy files and entire folders directly into Starchive without downloading anything.


Import your Zoom meetings directly into Starchive through our Zoom integration.

Google Drive

Use our Google Drive integration to copy recently modified files and folders directly into Starchive.


Use our OneDrive integration to copy files directly into Starchive.

How to Become a Better Social Media Influencer Starts with How Well You Are Organized.

Posting to social is easy. Deciding what to post to social media can be a headache and involve a few different people.

Ammo for Influencers – With Starchive, it’s easy to collect and curate files to post to social media. Imagine an entire library of files dedicated to social media marketing. 

Awareness and Control for Brands – Starchive is a great central location for your team to choose what’s approved for marketing and social media so as not to post anything that hasn’t been vetted or approved.

Backup Files from Social Platforms – Your content is evergreen. Import Facebook, Instagram, Zoom files so  when the next hot social platform shows up, you are ready to publish to new platforms.

Mobilize an Army of Influencers -Create a Starchive full of beautiful brand-aligned images that you invite other social influencers to choose from a library of approved assets and information that they can easily publish to social media.