PROTECT — Chose to add a watermarked layer over files when sharing

Protect your SharedLinks with screenshot protection

Increasing the value of your assets means controlling and limiting who can make copies. Sometimes you need to show but not share. 

When you do, screenshot protection is there for you.

Upgrade to the Plus Plan and gain access to more tools helping you to monetize your game by increasing the value of your assets. 

Watermark what you share with screenshot protection

Turn it on / Turn it off

Enable this option to put a watermark on shared files to avoid screenshots being taken.

Screenhot protect shared images

Sometimes you need to show and not share. Maybe your are delivering final assets for approval before you deliver them.

Toggle on screenshot protection and send the link for approval. Once you’ve sealed the deal toggle off screenshot protection and enable file downloading.  

Screenshot protecting files is easy

Simply select some files to share and toggle the screenshot protection option. 

This simple little feature and capability simplifies so many workflows for professional creators. 

Have a workflow that screenshot protecting works well for, contact us and we’ll feature your story.