SHARE — Files Instantly to Desktops and Mobile.

Share Any File Type Send Large Files Easily

The simplest way to share files. Starchive gives you a central cloud for all of your files. Now that your files live in the cloud, share huge numbers of files at the click of a button —Send ‘gigabytes’ to a colleague while you are on the phone talking to them and have them play it instantly.

The Easiest Way to Share Files.

We Made Sharing Files So Easy, We Can’t Stop Sharing.

Send Large Files – Need to send large videos? Share 300 GB of movies in less than 2 seconds. Once your content is in Starchive, sharing is immediate. No more waiting on a file to finish uploading or downloading to share it.

Choose to Allow Downloads – Let the person on the other end select which files to download. Perfect for select and approval processes.

Share Collections

One of the benefits of file curation is that when you need to share your files they are ready to share. You’ve already done the work to curate them together into a collection. 

Share Lots of Files

Create Unlimited Sharelinks — links that you can paste into email or texts and open as a streaming player with all of the files you shared. 

Share with as many people as you wish. Want to share a file with everyone on this planet – go for it!

No Size Limit. Share Lots of Very Large Video Files

Let’s face it, video can be huge when you are dealing with the original files. With Starchive not only can you share the big files instantly for Download, but you can also allow recipients of a sharelink to stream your files effortlessly.

Allow Recipients to Download Only What They Want

Sounds crazy, but do you want to download files faster or download fewer files you don’t want to download in the first place.?

Starchive Sharelinks lets the recipient do their own curation and pick only the files they wish to download. This saves everyone time and resources. Imagine sending a single link to 100 people and have them download ONLY what they want to.

Manage Shared Links

Sharedlink is a persistent link that you can share on Monday, Tuesday, or any other day of the week. You can post it to the internet for the public to see.