WORKFLOW — Your Private Workspace for File Curation and Assembly.

Curate, Preview & Collect Any  File Type

Each Member has their own Private Workspace to Assemble Files for a Range of Purposes. Save the Workspace as a Collection, Download it as a Zip File, Share it as a Link, or Preview, Batch-Edit or Move Files into a New Folder.

If Only Everything in Life had a Workspace.

Add Files to Your Workspace to Find Them Quickly. Don’t Waste Time Looking for the Same Files Over & Over.

The Workspace is particularly well-suited for selecting files for review and approval or sifting through lots of files to stash files you like as you are searching. Files can be added and removed from the Workspace and reordered to be viewed like a playlist.

Tag All Files in Your Workspace – Apply batch actions to files in the workspace.

Add Your Workspace to a Collection – Use the workspace to help with file curation and collection building.

Share Your Workspace – Use the Workspace to help a colleague find files and share the files they’re looking for.

Download Your Workspace – Gather files together from multiple locations and download them as a single Zip file.

The Workspace

Perhaps we should have named this the ‘Playspace’ because it is so easy to quickly preview multiple files. Click through to Play Video, Audio and Animations. Read Documents, View Images or Preview All to turn your Workspace into a slideshow or DJ.

Expanded Preview

Open Files from the Workspace as a Playlist into a Larger Player.

Batch Tools

Save valuable time batch-editing metadata by adding files to the workspace to add tags and custom field values to all of the files.

Share & Deliver Files

The Workspace gives you another place to stash files that you intend to share while you look for other files to share.

Save to Collection

The Workspace pairs well with collection building. While it is very collection-like, we think of the Workspace as more temporary in nature than a collection aimed at simplifying daily workflows.