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We fondly raise a glass to the doodlers, napkin drawers, outsiders, dreamers, those outside the lines and spreadsheet haters. Because we see you. We know you and we are you. You are not nuts and neither are we. You’re forging a bold independent path forward. Your individuality is your zone of excellence. You’re changing the world and so are we. Starchive is your light saber. The tool that transforms you from Smurf to Jedi. — Peter, Co-founder

Help! I want to save my TikTok videos!

If TikTok is banned what happens to your videos? President Biden confirmed his support for a Congressional bill that could result in a nationwide ban on TikTok. “If they pass it, I’ll sign it,” he told reporters at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland’s Prince George’s...

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Starchive helps WFMT Relaunch a Radio Legend

Starchive helps WFMT Relaunch a Radio Legend

Dubbed “the voice of the working man,” Studs Terkel reached international acclaim as one of the most intellectually curious newscasters of the 20th century. His work included coverage of the civil rights movement and conversations with the power players of jazz, blues, and politics.

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