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Starchive Meetup at AMIA Conference

by | Nov 27, 2018 | 0 comments

Starchive is heading to Portland, Oregon this week for the AMIA annual conference. In addition to welcoming archivists to our booth where they can learn more about Starchive — a powerfully simple digital asset management (DAM) platform designed with large-scale media collections in mind — we are also participating in the conference sessions where we are looking forward to learning about the challenges and opportunities shared by the moving image archivist community.

We currently work with some of the world’s most valuable film collections, including the Sherman Grinberg Film Library, the OKPOP museum, the Bob Dylan Collection, PBS Distribution, and ATTN: Media. For these and many other archival organizations, Starchive is quickly becoming the DAM software of choice because of its flexible structure and ability to organize content in an organic and interconnected way.

We’re excited about the opportunity to both reconnect with old friends and meet new archivists, and we’d like to invite you to visit us at the Starchive table if you’re in Portland this week. We’ll be giving away Grado headphones and some sweet treats.

Looking forward to seeing you there and hearing more about how we can help moving image archivists finally take control of their media archives.


Calling all creatives!

Calling all creatives!

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How long will it take to upload my media to the cloud?

How long will it take to upload my media to the cloud?

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Anatomy of an Upload

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