• No per-user pricing barriers.
  • No having to upgrade your plan to get more storage.
  • Just the features YOU need at a price you can afford. 
  • Free 14-day trial with no credit card or commitment required
(one annual payment)
Month-to-month $14.95
(one annual payment)
Month-to-month $29.95
  • 100 GB storage included (additional storage at $1/50 GB/month)
  • Unlimited tags and collections
  • Batch tagging
  • Unlimited sharing and download, no file size limits
  • Video playback on files up to 10 GB
  • AI object and text detection on images and thumbnails

No credit card or commitment required



(one annual payment)
$ 19.95/mo
Month-to-month $29.95
(one annual payment)
$ 49.95
Month-to-month $69.95

Everything included in Essential, PLUS: 

  • Video playback on files up to 50 GB
  • Playback/preview of professional media file types
  • Custom metadata fields
  • On-demand file type creation
  • Video and audio clipping
  • Full text search
  • Custom branding and watermarking
(one annual payment)
Month-to-month $299.95

Everything included in PRO, PLUS: 

  • Video playback on files over 50 GB
  • API access for custom builds and integrations
  • Cloud migration services for large-scale collections of media

Need to migrate your massive media collection? Have special requirements for metadata or file types? Need a feature that’s not included here yet?

We’d love to brainstorm some ideas about how we can work together. Drop us a line and let us know what you’re looking for. 

Never worry about running out of storage again


We’re breaking the industry norms when it comes to how — and how much —  you pay for cloud storage.

Most services with cloud storage either charge you for large blocks of storage you might never need, or require you to upgrade your plan in order to unlock additional storage. We think that’s a pretty lousy experience from a customer perspective. So we’re changing the paradigm.

Everyone starts with 100 gigabytes of free storage.

If that’s enough for you — great! You’ll never pay another penny. Just to give you an idea of how much 100GB is, one of our staff members (a professional photographer) has more than 30,000 photos in his Starchive — and it’s just barely over 100GB.

If you need more, we’ll charge you for what you use in small increments.

With Starchive, you pay only for the storage you use. When your collection outgrows your free storage, we’ll simply bill your account $1 per month for every additional 50GB you use. Big media? No problem. Here’s what you’re looking at for storage in terabytes:

Size in GB
Monthly Cost
no hassle, no worries.

You’re billed for storage automatically each month, so you don’t ever have to worry about having to hassle with plan or storage upgrades. Your storage just grows with you. And you can always see your storage growth and exactly what you’re being charged for in your Starchive account settings.


how often am i billed for storage?

You’re billed for any storage costs every 30 days, along with your subscription fees. Keep in mind that storage is billed retroactively — while your subscription fees are for the upcoming month, storage fees are billed for the previous month’s storage.

Do I need to do anything to increase my storage after I’ve exceeded the free limit?

Nope. Your storage grows with you — we’ll just automatically bill you for the storage you use at a rate of $1 per month for every 50GB increment.

If my storage fluctuates in any given month, how do you determine how much to bill me?

We bill based on the peak (highest) storage in your 30-day billing cycle.

Is there an easy way to see how much storage I’m using on any given day?

Absolutely. When you’re in your Starchive, you can see exactly how much storage you’re using in the left sidebar. You can also check your account settings at any time to see your full billing history and a graph charting how your storage is growing from month to month.

I have big media (more than 4TB). Can you help me migrate my media to cloud storage?

We’d love to help. Drop our customer success team an email and we’ll put our heads together on the best way to migrate your media.