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How We Starchive

Megan Knutson, Starchive VP, Mom, Music Manager

by | Aug 26, 2019 | 0 comments

Like all moms, I have a million things going on at once. From incredible work projects, to capturing amazing family memories (my baby crawling for the first time, my daughter registering for kindergarten, my husband slaying a guitar solo — ah, life is good!), to managing household paperwork (finances, health care, registration forms…you know, the less fun stuff), to passionately engaging in volunteer projects — I’ve got a lot of media to keep track of.

Starchive gives me one easy place to collect, access, and share all the digital stuff that I care about. Recently, while on the go, I had to find and deliver my kids’ most recent vaccination records and the clock was ticking. While in the past this would’ve required a trip to the file-cabinet-of-doom (ok, a little dramatic but seriously, physical files still?) and an attempt at remembering how I would’ve filed those records, Starchive made this ridiculously simple with a quick search and share. What would’ve taken me 15-30 minutes took me 3 minutes. Saving time? Easy to use solutions? Yes, please.




Calling all creatives!

Calling all creatives!

You’re an artist and your gigs have been canceled. You’re a manager scrambling to support your artists during this unprecedented time. You’re a content creator stuck at home staring at your stacks of hard drives and thinking about what to do next. What can you be doing to set yourself up for success right now?

How long will it take to upload my media to the cloud?

How long will it take to upload my media to the cloud?

If you’re looking to move your media into the cloud, you might be wondering how long you’re going to have to babysit your upload. Three minutes? Three hours? Three years? To help you get a sense of how long it will take, here are five things you need to know about upload.

Anatomy of an Upload

Anatomy of an Upload

Why does it take so long to upload to the cloud? Upload is more than just sending information from one place to another, and there are numerous factors that play into upload time. Here’s a handy overview of what goes into an upload to help you estimate how long it might take to move your media into the cloud.

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